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This course is designed to refine and expand the art of piano teaching, whether you are an experienced educator or in the beginning stages of your teaching career. 


Educators of all ages and experience are welcome!

The seminar will focus on essential concepts of piano teaching such as:


-Keyboard Repertoire & Literature

-Practice, Strategy and Productivity

-Performance and Preparation

-Communication Skills and Implementation 

-Teaching as a business




Irina Gorin .jpg

Irina Gorin

Irina Gorin, born in Kiev, Ukraine, studied at Kiev Music Institute and Kharkov Conservatory. She holds master’s degrees in Piano Performance, Piano Pedagogy, Chamber Ensemble, and Accompaniment.


Over the last 35 years, Mrs. Gorin has established a reputation as one of the most prominent pedagogues for children in the United States and beyond. Gorin Piano Studio’s graduates continue their musical education in Universities and Conservatories throughout the United States, pursuing diplomas in Performance, Pedagogy, and Music Education.

Since 2013, Irina Gorin contributes to the enrichment of piano teachers by regularly conducting workshops, lectures, presentation and master classes in many states of USA, Canada, Australia, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Italy, UK, Germany, Spain, Portugal, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Singapore.


Mrs. Gorin is often sought after as a judge for national and international piano competitions in USA, China, Singapore, HK, and Colombia. 

In order to showcase the talent of young pianists, Irina Gorin founded and served as President of the Carmel Klavier International Piano Competition and Festival, which has welcomed competitors from all over the world since 2014. Since 2018, the branches of Carmel Klavier have launched in Bogota (Colombia), London (UK) and Chengdu (China). CK Australia in Sydney is going to be launched in 2021.


Since 2018, Irina Gorin lives in China with her husband, and teaches Piano Pedagogy and Piano Performance in Chengdu University (Sichuan Province). She enjoys traveling and meeting many piano teachers around the world and sharing her knowledge and experience. 


“Tales of a Musical Journey” is the culmination of Gorin’s vast education and teaching experience. The series uniquely blends Russian and world’s teaching methods to prepare beginning piano students for a classical repertoire.  Translated into fourteen languages with more coming, thousands of copies of this publication have been sold in more than ninety countries. 


By requests of many piano teachers, Mrs. Gorin has been working on a sequel of “Tales of a Musical Journey”, which is going to fill the lack of the children’s repertoire in the early stages of piano education.  New, “Musical Journey” series are being published in China and USA and consist of selection of various solo, duet pieces and etudes for young pianists by many composers of all the origins and times. 

Program includes:

  • Pedagogy Lectures

  • Master Classes observation

  • Student recitals

  • Faculty concerts


Make sure you send your application before July 1st, 2020

*  All activities are subject to change or cancellation


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